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Hiddenline Architectural Design has been working with a local developer to produce both CGI images and create our very first virtual tour for the residential market. Below you will find an example of the virtual tour we created. Have a play around with it, and take the tour of the new build property!

The virtual tour was created to help potential new buyers visualise what their new build properties would look like, so they feel more confident when purchasing. During construction stages all new buyers see is a muddy construction site, with half way constructed walls, diggers on the drive, and builders walking in and out all the time. It can be really hard for these people to visualise what the end result would look like, so this is why we came up with this method of visualisation. Allowing potential new buyers to interactive this way also allows them to feel more comfortable that they are able to see every room in full 360 degrees views. This application can be hosted on any website, and is easily accessible for all. Whether your on a mobile phone, tablet, or PC you can also take a tour of the new property. For further ease of navigation we even include a floor plan to quickly navigate to different rooms, by simply clicking on the floor and room you wish to visit.

How we work with Estate Agents

We and the developers understand that estate agents are the go to people when you want to buy a new home. We work side by side with estate agents to get the application integrated however you wish, and we can even host the application on our website for you to link to, which makes it even easier. For those future ready estate agents we can easily integrate the application with your tablets, or screens for new home owners to interact with the virtual tours from your offices. Have them sit down with you, and take the tour over a cup of coffee.   

Alex was easy to deal with from start to finish and produced five new house visuals for us.  From providing the initial plans and a couple of photos Alex then quickly produced several proofs giving opportunity for adjustments, all in all great value for money and all produced in a relatively short space of time

Matthew Edward Jones - Screetons Estate Agents

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